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Ordre des audioprothésistes du Québec

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Hearing is at the heart of our communications. Hearing health is an important factor to your quality of life and it’s a matter we take seriously. Our warm and professional services will accompany you every step of the way, from a hearing evaluation to choosing the best hearing aid for your lifestyle, aesthetic requirements and budget. But beyond the technical questions, our priority is your satisfaction.

Services offered at your clinic:

Hearing screening

Hearing screening

If you believe you are experiencing hearing loss, contact us right away to have your hearing evaluated by one of our professionals.

Adjustments, repairs and sale of hearing aids

Home services

Home services

To accommodate a larger clientele, we provide home services. Contact us for more information.

Custom moulded earplugs. Noise reduction, for musicians, sleeping, swimming, hunting.

Hearing aid technology

Hearing aid technology

Several high tech accessories can improve the performance and versatility of your hearing aids. For example: amplified phones, television amplifiers and frequency modulation (FM) systems.

Maintenance products, batteries, etc.

Some models of hearing aids may be covered by the RAMQ, CSST or the Veterans program. Find out from your audio prosthetist.

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